Our firm is guided by various professionals, viz Chartered Accountants and Advocates of repute in the field of Direct Taxes and Company Law .Advocate Paras Kochar, the proprietor of the firm is a renowned practitioner respected highly in his circle. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Calcutta. He has been ingeniously tackling myriad Direct Tax cases and offering insightful consultation to clients.

Presently, his services compass the corporate houses as well as personal proprietors. The veneration he commands from his fellow professionals is amply revealed by the fact that many of them look up to him for advices.

Mr. Kochar caters to a diverse client base in Kolkata as well as other cities across the Indian Territory. Among his various feats, being a past member of ‘Taxation Committee’ of Chamber of Commerce and appearing on Doordarshan for an intellectual discourse are close to his heart. He has also been an erstwhile president of Avantika, which happens to be an association of Direct Tax Professionals. The list is nearly endless.

Mr. Kochar has donned many feathers and each hat has been equally reverential. Being a member of executive committee of Direct Tax Professional Associations is another smart achievement of the man who commands awed eyes and yet maintains a very humble stance on life.

He has always desired to pay back his dues to the profession that has provided him with all the adulation. He shows his gratitude by writing articles, offering his views on many current issues pertaining to Direct Tax. Each article is a germane study of an underlying problem and offers quality solutions.

He is a public speaker of repute and has been asked to use some of his skills of oration for many seminars that he is requested to attend. Though a man of many fortes, he primarily focuses on Survey and Search & Seizure operations conducted by the Income Tax department. Despite being extremely occupied with the various modalities of his profession, he continues affiliation with the social flux. He has been the past President of ‘Lions Club of Calcutta, Tollygunge’ and is an esteemed member of various organizations like ‘Views Exchange’ and ‘Milap Vatika’ to name but a few.


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